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Sat 26.8. 20:00

Varjele is a dark, intense dance performance about compassion and what happens when you lose it. The audience follows the shadows of the dancers inside a hexagonal shadow theatre. The irrational and the wonderful, the mystic and the toxic alternate on the fabric as live graphics.

Is a theatre audience there to be entertained or imprisoned? What happens to humanity if we see others as nothing but shadows?

The choreography by Sanni Kriikku approaches shadow dance through postmodern show dance methods. Tölölab’s improvised music mixes the clear sound of woodwind instruments with live electronics and thumping techno. The artists behind Varjele work with the Helsinki-based Eloa-festivaali. Varjele and Eloa-festivaali have been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Kone Foundation.

Artistic design: Heta Aho
Coreography: Sanni Kriikku
Dancers: Mia Jaatinen, Ella Koikkalainen, Marlon Moilanen, Pietari Vappula,
Samuli Emery, Sade Risku
Music: Tölöläb; Taavi Oramo, eloelektroniikka, Turkka Inkilä, huilu ja eloelektroniikka, Antti Salovaara, fagotti, Saku Mattila, oboe
Lighting design: Sofia Palillo
Set realisation: Kimmo Sirén

Cable Factory, Pannuhalli

Cable Factory, Pannuhalli


Cable Factory, Pannuhalli



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