Mon 21.8. - Sun 27.8.


Hi! I often run into you on the metro, and I always think that you’re just the kind of person I could take with me to Poetry Moon. So would you come with me to poetry gigs or just on a writer date?

Poetry Moon is an international literature festival in Helsinki, where literature takes over the city and is accompanied by other forms of art. This year’s festival theme is Love.

During Poetry Moon, the main venue and meeting place is the Finnish National Theatre’s Lavaklubi, where you can shop in a pop-up poetry store and enjoy literary or philosophical discussions as well as the impressive evening programme. This year, poetry also flows into people’s living rooms, when residents get a chance to open up their doors to poetry gigs and fellow literature lovers.

Poetry Moon is an experience that calls one to participate, do, write and love.

How about it?

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