Kaisa Salmi: #tekoja

Sat 26.8.


How can one change the world? Kaisa Salmi’s #tekoja is a communal, participatory work of art, which invites us to acknowledge one another through small actions – even for one day. The chain of actions is first put into motion by familiar initiators, who challenge one another to participate during the summer.

The work culminates on the Saturday of August, when the city is filled to the brim with good deeds. In addition to freeform demonstrations of compassion, the day consists of gathering together to deepen our thoughts about empathy – why does it feel good to do good?

Kaisa Salmi is an artist known for, for example, the floral works that took over the city centres of Oulu and Turku as well as the steps of Parliament house in Helsinki, the 11,000-kg waste mountain piled in front of Kamppi Shopping Centre, and the grand performance Fellman’s Field about the events of the 1918 Civil War, which received over 10,000 participants. The movie about the performance is part of the Kiasma collection and will be shown on YLE during this year and the next.


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