Helsinki Festival is the largest arts festival in Finland, organised annually in late summer. The festival’s aim is to make art accessible for all. The programme line-up features classical and world music, theatre, dance, circus and visual arts as well as a range of urban events.

– In 2018, Helsinki Festival is organised on Aug 17th – Sept 2nd. The programme is published in April.

– The Night of the Arts is next arranged on August 23rd 2018.

– In 2017, the festival had approx. 212 800 visits.

– Helsinki Festival is one of the four main organizers of the Musica nova Helsinki new music festival.

– Helsinki Festival operates under the auspices of the Helsinki Week Foundation, established by the City of Helsinki.

– The executive body of the Helsinki Week foundation is its Board. Members of the Board are elected by the Helsinki City Board to serve a two-year term.

Helsinki Festival is honored with the EFFE Label 2017-2018.



Elisa Helsingin Sanomat Veikkaus
Accenture HOK-Elanto Scandic